Emily Scott gives Jessica-Jane a run for her money during shower hour in the jungle

Chivalrous Pat Sharp enthusiastically offered to cycle to provide the girls with their power shower, admitting sheepishly that his motivation may not be altogether innocent.

It didn’t take long for the boys to join the girls in the jungle pool, Mark pouncing on any opportunity to strip off himself.

When the TOWIE star learned Emily’s surname, he realised that he had lusted after the Australian model and DJ during her glamour modelling days for lads’ magazines.

‘I know Emily Scott,’ he told her. ‘I used to fancy you back in the day when I was young. You used to do magazines right, Zoo, FHM? They were my perving years when I used to buy all those magazines when I was about 19.’

Later in the Bush Telegraph Wright added: ‘She seems like a lovely girl. She’s obviously a pretty girl. There’s no denying that but today I was in the pond and I asked her surname and she said ‘Scott’ and I just thought, “no way.”

‘“When I was about 18 she used to be one of my favourites. It’s really weird for me. She used to be on my wall. Mmm. Interesting.’

Later on, Pat grilled Mark on the subject. ‘Emily, Mark? What do you reckon eh? Used to be your pin up?’ he asked.

Room for us? The boys didn’t take long to join the girls in the pool, with Mark later admitting that he used to lust after pictures of Emily in her lads’ magazine modelling days.

‘I can’t believe that. I can’t believe that’s her,’ Mark told Pat and Dougie. ‘When you get out, Google her and see how hot she used to be. Like Carmen Electra hot. She had exactly the same kind of look.’ When Pat pointed out that Emily still is ‘hot,’ Mark insisted: ‘Yes, she’s stunning but she was in a different league before.’

Meanwhile, the girls discussed what cosmetic enhancements they have had done.

Jessica-Jane said that she’d been stung by a mosquito overnight which gave her lips the look that they’d been plumped. ‘I went to bed wishing I had pouty lips and I’ve been stung by a mozzy there (on her lip),’ she said to Dougie.

Are they on right? Jessica-Jane had some fun with a coconut bra later in the day.

Crissy asked Jessica if she’d consider getting her lips done. She replied: ‘No I wouldn’t have them done. I had them done once and it went so wrong. So, so wrong. For four months I didn’t want to go out because my lips looked so bad. I had two lumps. I’ll never ever have them done again.’

Crissy revealed that she has had a chin lift. ‘I had a big double chin and I just wanted a chin lift,’ she told the others. ‘I just wanted the fat removed. A three hour op turned into nearly nine hours. They severed a vein in my neck.’

Despite her traumatic experience Chrissy said she hasn’t been put off plastic surgery.

Filling your time nicely? The raven-haired beauty entertained herself for a while with her new outfit.

‘It took two years for them to settle down and that’s when I noticed a big difference.’ Jessica-Jane said of her breast enlargement.

‘When I first got them done one was a lot bigger than the other one. A lot bigger,’ she explained.

‘Like massive fake one and tiny little one so I had to have them redone again and I just had massive round ones put in. It’s just easier. None of this different sizes. I just want the big old round ones and I’ve been fine with them ever since.’

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