Mark Wright wears Rambo bandana, but looks terrified jumping out of a plane on I’m A Celebrity

Lauren Goodger will be laughing into her white wine spritzer when she sees these pictures.

Ex-fiancé Mark Wright has lost his swagger, with terror plastered across his fake-tanned face.

The Only Way Is Essex star is currently in Australia taking part in I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, with the first challenge of the series seeing contestants jump out of a plane.

Who said anything about being scared? Mark looks more confident as she buddies up with Crissy.

With scenes due to be televised tomorrow when the show launches on ITV, Wright is seen wearing a Rambo-inspired bandana as he chatters with Crissy Rock, 53, in the plane.

Missing Essex? Mark looks terrified before his first challenge on the ITV reality show in Australia

Showmanship: Mark stuck his tongue out while in the air, never failing to play up to the camera.

Former flame Goodger confessed that she would ‘enjoy watching him squirm,’ telling the Daily Star: ‘There have been rumours I’m going in halfway through as a surprise guest and I would love that. ‘I would love to go in and see the look on Mark’s face. It’d be hilarious.’

Traumatised: Antony Cotton looks to be having second thoughts before his jump.

Moral support: Fatima Whitbread gives Antony an affectionate kiss before his skydive.

Another contestant that appeared to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown before his jump, was Coronation Street star Antony Cotton.

Understandably, the actor held his head in his hands while taking off in the plane and looked anxious before jumping.

I want to go home! Antony closes his eyes to block out the reality of what lies ahead, but manages the thumbs up

Flying! After his initial fear, Antony confronted his demons and jumped.

But even after landing safely on ground, the 36-year-old was still a quivering wreck and needed to be comforted by new friend Fatima Whitbread.

With her sporting background, Whitbread should be able to handle the pressure and adrenaline of the thrill-seeking activities.

Firm friends: Antony and Fatima appear to be forming a bond already as she comforts him after his jump.

Brave: Fatima clearly enjoyed the adrenaline rush as she punched the air after her jump.

When will the rows start? Everyone seems to be getting along a little too well as Fatima offers support to Mark Wright and Antony Cotton, but when the food rations start it is likely to change.

The former javelin thrower and Olympic medalist seems to have struck up an early bond with Cotton, offering kisses before he jumped and generously doling out affection.

Other contestants taking part in the this year’s series and hoping to follow in the triumphant footsteps of last year’s winner Stacey Solomon are Jessica Jane Clement of The Real Hustle, McFly star Dougie Poynter, former jockey Willie Carson and Hart To Hart actress Stefanie Powers.

Brave face: Former Emmerdale actress Lorraine Chase looked relatively calm for her close-up before the jump

Following in Antony’s footsteps: Crissy looked ready to cry as it was her turn to fly through the sky.

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